Sunday, February 8, 2015

open source stuff-Synthedit & Synthmaker

I uploaded the source files for all my plugins, Synthedit and Synthmaker files. If you're bored enough to check it out or anything. You're welcome to use these in any manner, personal or commercial. The Synthedit files do not include any modules. I'm getting into hardware, but will make software too as it's far more creative.
Runbeerrun Synthedit& Synthmaker source files
I also put in preset function into Pollyphony weird synth, I had the Synthmaker wireless thing that was folder up instead of down, and it didn't see the patch thing. I like using the The house of the future preset randomizer, and it didn't work.
Pollyphony psycho synth
Hopefully these links works- am on an IPad. I'll make new stuff when I think of it.